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Term & Condition

Accident: -
Any accidents involving vehicle damage or involving physical harm shall be borne by the tenants themselves. Our company is not responsible for any accidents that occur during the tenancy. While the cost of insurance for the vehicles is borne by the tenant, such as excess payments (minimum RM2500-RM5000) or the total cost of repairs for minor damage.

Saman / parking: -
Any summons issued during the tenancy shall be borne by the tenant. Transport Enterprise AB party will impose a security deposit of RM300 and will be returned after inspection arrangements made suit. Our advice, drive carefully, replace the safety belt, do not exceed the speed limit and remember a loved one organization.

Rental exceeding the time: -

Minimum rental car is a one-day and half-day rental no. However, if the tenant to return the car more than an hour of time, then we will charge RM20 per hour more. Additional more than 4 hours will be calculated as one-day rental. Tenants are advised to notify us in advance sekianya delays in the return of the rented car.

Recently Conditional: -

If the renter returns the car Early booking deal for bookings of more than one day and get a discount hire more days, the daily rental rate will be charged for each day that have been rented. For example: RM800 for car rental week SAGA, but the tenant only hire five days and want to return the car early, then the calculation of the total rental fee is RM140 X 5 days = RM700.00.

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